Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learn More about the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians

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Who are the Luiseno Indians?

How Successful is the Casino?

The Pechanga Resort and Casino has been very successful in its endeavors. Working closely with the Temecula community and the Luiseno community, the casino has created an influx of profits and jobs which has directly impacted not only the Temecula community but the local high schools as well specifically Great Oak High School. See the chart below to see a break down of their profits from 2003.

Temecula an Overview

Temecula, a continually growing suburban community with a long history. The first visit to Temecula was recorded in October 1797 by the Spanish missionary Father Juan Norberto de Santiago. Upon arrival, the father noted in his journal that Temecula was "an Indian village," already inhabited by the Luiseno Indians for 10,000 years. In 1798 after the Mission of San Luis Rey de Francia was built, the term "Sanluisenos," or "Luisenos" for short, was used to describe the natives. In December of 1846 the Temecula Massacre took place and heightened the tension between the locals and the natives. In 1882 the United States government established the Pechanga Indian Reservation. With the introduction of the California Southern Railroad and the operation of the granite stone quarries, Temecula's notoriety skyrocketed. The 1990's brought a flood of new inhabitants to Temecula due to the affordable housing prices. This migration boosted Temecula's population to approx. 90,000. With the spike in the population the Pechanga Indian Reservation decided to build and develop their own resort and casino. In 2002, the casino opened and became one of the most successful Native American casinos in California.    

                                          (Temecula, CA 1909)